Why you will love Puerto Rico

In the heart of the Caribbean, the US territory of Puerto Rico combines the quality of life brought by its privileged tropical splendors, with the lucrative nature of its financial and service hub. The Island’s unique relationship with the United States, provides you, and your corporation, with all the benefits afforded under the US Constitution, without the burden of Federal taxation.

Learn more about Act 20 and Act 22

Created in 2012 under then Governor Luis Fortuno, Acts 20&22 effectively reduce your corporate tax to 4%, and your personal passive income tax to 0%. Combined with an already Federal Income Tax of 0%, Puerto Rico is the most competitive jurisdiction in the United States to place your home and office.

Who we are

Omnia is the only full-service economic development firm in Puerto Rico, combining years of experience in both the public and private sectors, including initial participation during the creation and promotion of Acts 20&22. Through its offices in San Juan and New York, Omnia has successfully transferred dozens of entities and individuals into the tax friendly shores of Puerto Rico.

Investor Services

Omnia understands how difficult it is to enter a new market, let alone a new home, which is why it prides itself of being the only turn-key operation in Puerto Rico. Through its services, Omnia shoulders all the burdens associated with registering a new corporate entity, applying for all available incentives, identifying real-estate  and investment opportunities, recruiting human capital, and piercing the governmental and cultural veils. All in an effort to make your transition as painless as possible.




Puerto Rico, with its near perfect weather year round, surrounded by unspoiled beaches and the United States’ only rainforest as its beating heart, may have already been in your next travel plans. However, beyond its natural wonders, this US territory offers investors the most competitive jurisdiction in the US. Though fully under the American flag, with all the protections afforded by the US Constitution, the US postal service, the US banking system, as well as Federal law-enforcement agencies, no resident of Puerto Rico pays Federal Taxes.

Puerto Rico’s strategic association within the United States, and its free trade and customs systems makes it an ideal bridge between the Caribbean, North, and South America – as well as one of the fastest growing service hubs in the region.




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Public Law No. 20 of 2012 provides attractive tax incentives for companies that establish and expand eligible export services businesses on the island. On the other hand, the Public Law No. 22 of 2012 seeks to attract new residents to the island by providing certain exemptions from local income taxes on particular gains realized or accrued after the individual becomes a resident of Puerto Rico.

Benefits of Puerto Rico Act 20

  • 100% Federal Tax Exemption
  • 3-4% Corporate Tax for up to 30 years
  • 100% Tax Exemption on dividends
  • 20-30 year Tax Decree

Benefits of Puerto Rico Act 22

  • 100% Federal Tax Exemption
  • 100% Tax Exemption on dividends and interest
  • 100% Tax Exemption on short and long-term capital gains
  • Tax Decree valid until 2036

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Omnia Economic Solutions is a full service consulting firm dedicated to facilitating your business in Latin American and the Caribbean. With offices in New York, and Puerto Rico, but a presence throughout Latin America, our group is strategically accessible to identify and process your investment in the region.

Unlike larger firms, we provide tailor-made services to fit your specific needs, assisting you in your market entry, economic development, and government relations from beginning to successful establishment. Whether you intend to establish new corporate roots in a new jurisdiction, or to branch-out your services to other markets, Omnia Economic Solutions provides you with the expertise to reach your intended goals.

Our team of professionals is composed by experts in all economic development backgronds, including commercial law, government realtions, finance, real-estate, infrastructure, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, and interantional trade. Omnia Economic Solutions’ unique insight into the region’s economy, government structures, and social framework, provides you with the necessary access and insight to make a fully informed investment.

Raúl Vidal y Sepúlveda

Former Assistant Secretary for International Affairs for the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico, Raul was also the lead promoter of the Island’s incentives around the world and the Director for Puerto Rico’s New York Office. As such, he attracted over $700 million in foreign direct investments to the Island.

Several of Raul’s successful projects include Puerto Rico’s first commercial bank in 30 years, two corporate headquarters, a major hotel and tourism investment, and the Island’s first A rated re-insurer. Recent accomplishments include the processing of high net-worth individuals under Acts 20 and 22, the very same incentives he helped develop in 2012 under Governor Luis Fortuno’s administration.

In recognition for his work on behalf of Puerto Rico’s economic development, Raul was named by the World Economic Forum as a founding Global Shaper for the San Juan Hub, and was recently invited as the first Puerto Rican to participate in the WEF’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland to speak on the role of cities as centers for economic development, and to take part in the Prime Minister of Australia’s G-20 2014 Presidency platform team.

Roberto Corretjer

Corporate attorney, businessman, and social entrepreneur, Roberto brings his extensive corporate and real-estate experience to Omnia Economic Solutions’ services.

In tune with Puerto Rico’s investment trends, Roberto has served as a leading corporate and real-estate attorney in Puerto Rico – negotiating real-estate settlements for some of the largest construction companies and real-estate developers in the region. He has also represented developers and investors in the acquisition and disposition of commercial and residential real-estate assets, including equity, leasehold, and debt.

Roberto’s unique access to investment opportunities in Latin America provides our clients with some of the necessary access and insight to make a sound venture.

Roberto holds a Masters Degree from Northwestern University and is licensed in Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

Record of Success

  • Managed over a dozen corporate transitions and market entries.

  • More than 200 jobs created in several jurisdictions.

  • Managed and oversaw over $500 million in foreign direct investments.

  • First and only representatives from Puerto Rico in the World Economic Forum’s 2014 Davos Summit.

  • First and only Puerto Rican to participate in a G20 Summit platform roundtable.

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We provide your company a single point of contact for all of your market entry needs and a team of specialized professionals always available to serve you and your business through what can be a complicated process. In order to meet your expectations, Omnia is prepared to provide you with a full cadre of services that include, but are not limited to:


  • Market Entry
  • Government Relations
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Corporate Reputations
  • Economic Development
  • Event Planning
  • Real Estate

  • Permit Consulting
  • Professional Relocations
  • Promotional Services
  • Public Relations
  • Social and Cultural Advising
  • Strategic Vision
  • Legal Services

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